08 August 2016

July Makeup Favorites

1. Ardell Duo Brow Brush
Price: $4.49 Regular ($3.99 w/ Sally's Beauty Club Card)
Best for: Brow powders

I originally bought this to keep at my boyfriend's place, but I accidentally took it home a few weeks ago and have kept it since. My brow routine and shape changes constantly and this brush is my favorite for my current routine, which is brow powder and brow pencil. I don't think it's good for the pomade brow products, but I think that's a personal preference. I prefer the MAC 263 for the pomades because it can create a thinner line, which is great for creating those hair-like strokes. Regardless, it's still a great brush for the price and it definitely gets extra points for having a spool at on the other end.

2. Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara
Shade: Obsidian Black
Price: $32
Claims: Ultra-black, faultproof, all-in-one intensity mascara. Formula includes exclusive color-boosting polymer for most intense black
Best for: All lash lengths/volume

I'm a firm believer that drugstore mascaras are just as (and often times better) than high end ones, but there are a couple of exceptions. This and the Eyes To Kill Mascara are two of my all time favorites! The formula is good for keeping the curl and the brush does wonders for my short, fine, Asian lashes. It almost looks like I put falsies on. Would I buy this? Probably not, but I am grateful that my job allows me to get my hands on sample tubes.

3. WetNWild Ultimate Brow Kit
Shade: Ash Brown 963
Price: $3.99
Claims: All you need to create perfect brows.
Best for: All skintones, medium to dark hair.

This is once again making my favorites list. I leave this at my boyfriend's house because I already have 800 other brow products at home, but I accidentally took it back with me. This will always be one of my favorites because it was one of the first drugstore brow powders that contained neutral brown shades. And most importantly it costs less than $5. I don't use the wax because I've never liked that stuff, but the two powders are great. I also don't use the the mini brush and tweezers because they are virtually useless, but the built-in mirror on the bottom of the palette is a nice size. The packaging is a little flimsy so it would probably fall apart in your makeup bag if you were to take it with you daily. All things considered, I think it's great value for what you are getting. I think the two shades will look great on all skintones and medium to dark brown/black hair. The only thing I'm not sure on is how it would look on someone who has very blonde hair or redheads.

4. Sponge tip applicators
Price: Varies
Best for: Cream concealers, spot concealing.

I usually chuck these things, but I recently found another use for them, thanks to the Korean MUA Pony! In one tutorial she used a sponge applicator to spot conceal. It got me curious, so I decided to try it for myself. I highly recommend this method as I've found that it applies the concealer flawlessly and blends beautifully. But like I said, this is probably best for spot concealing small areas only and best for cream concealers, not liquid ones.

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