26 August 2015

NOTD | My First 3D Manicure

Nails by Asako Suzuki of LC Spa

I've done many NOTD's, but this is the first one that has included any kind of nail art. I have no artistic skill nor the patience to do anything like this, so I had to go to a professional. Like I said in my lash extension post, I am going to a wedding this weekend so I thought I'd glam it up a little bit and since my dress is a little bit understated, I wanted my nails to stand out a little.

I brought in a design that I saw in a magazine and Asako (the nail artist) pretty much replicated the exact look. One minor change I made was the thumb. The thumb was supposed to be all black but I really wanted to incorporate that green color somewhere so I replaced black with it. I love that it complements the middle color so well.

It is such a weird feeling on my nails. Because she used gel nail polish, my nails feel slightly heavier. They don't even feel like my real nails; it feels like I have acrylic on even though I don't. Even though I know that the little studs won't fall off, I still feel like I have to be careful with everything. It's going to take a while for me to get used to them. Overall, I'm really happy with how they turned out. I don't think I'll be making this a regular thing, but at least now I know where to go if I ever want fancy nails again.

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