25 August 2015

My First Eyelash Extensions

So I've pretty much tried to stay away from eyelash extensions for the past couple of years, mainly because it was just going to become another expense for me, on top of getting my hair done, mani/pedis and facials. I'll be going to my cousin's wedding this Saturday and since I'm kind of part of the wedding (I'll be doing a reading), I thought I'd do something extra. I'm also getting my nails done, but that's for another post ;)

My apprehension with getting eyelash extensions also stems from a misconception that I had. I have always heard people say that extensions make your eyelashes fall off. Well, that is completely and totally wrong, I've learned. Your lashes fall off anyway, and although the individual hairs are attached to your actual eyelash, it doesn't pull or tug on the roots to make them fall off any quicker.

I was always under the impression that I had absolutely no eyelashes, but after seeing my before picture, I was kind of relieved. My eyelashes do exist! They're just little tiny baby hairs, that's all. Since I had never done this before, I didn't know what to expect. However, I learned that it wasn't a complicated procedure; put protective sheets under the lashes, clean the clashes, attach each individual lash extension, comb it over and you're done!

Because it was my first time getting extensions, I didn't want to go overboard so I asked my esthetician to make them as natural looking as possible. For the full set, it took about an hour and a half total. There was no discomfort, no stinging of any kind and she was really careful not to get glue on my actual lids.

They really do look natural, and look great on their own. With eyeshadow, they look even better and stand out even more. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience and I think for my refill, I'm going to go a little bit bolder.

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