16 August 2015

Galaxy Taco

Last Sunday a few friends and I headed over to Galaxy Taco in La Jolla. It's a new taco shop that opened last month, just blocks away from La Jolla Shores. I don't really hang around that area and I don't know if there are any other taco shops nearby, but I think Galaxy Taco definitely fits in.

Steve's friend recommended the Tacolandia, which is their most popular taco. I also ordered the Baja Fried Fish Taco because well, we are by the ocean after all. Each taco is $5 and I think they make the tortilla in-house.

I ate the fish taco first because I wanted to save the "best" for last. The fish taco is really nothing special. It is what it is: battered fish, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle crema, radish, avocado. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't mind blowing. I think I would've preferred it with more chipotle dressing. I was disappointed with the fact that the tortilla quickly fell apart. Hopefully it was just that particular batch they had that day, but if not... well.

Next up was The Tacolandia: marinated, braised and seared pork shoulder, jalapeƱo slaw, chicharron. On paper, it sounds freaking amazing. In my mouth, not so much. The most memorable thing about it was how bland it was. I don't know what the marinade was, but it definitely needed more flavor. I had to add Tapatio to it, which I was hoping I wouldn't have to do. I wanted to taste the taco as is, but there was nothing to taste. The meat wasn't too dry though and I did enjoy the different textures.

Galaxy Taco has a lot of potential and I don't think it's fair to really judge them too harshly now. I will definitely go back to try other tacos. Their service was wonderful and the restaurant itself is beautiful. Now if the food can just catch up, I can see Galaxy Taco becoming a favorite for locals and tourists.

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