18 August 2015

Doctor Who Fan Meetup at HOB

This year I was finally able to go to the Doctor Who Fan Meet-Up, which is a free event that BBCA puts together every year. Steve and I waited for almost 4 hours and were lucky enough to be close to the front of the line. We were also lucky enough to have been under some scaffolding that happened to be up next to the House of Blues so we didn't have to sit in the sun for hours on end.

By far, this was probably the best event I've attended so far. Of course had I actually camped out for the Star Wars panel this year, then this would've been a close second, but I digress. Check out the photos from this great event after the jump!

These two girls were there with their parents and I swear they took pictures for the entire time we were in line. I noticed after awhile they got a bit restless, but I don't blame them. Strangers kept coming up to them asking for pictures.

This Cyberman was legit! I was on the same trolley as him the day before and I saw everything in detail. I think he even won the costume contest at the meetup this year.

One of the biggest surprises were the buffet tables. Yes, there was free food and where there's free food, there you will find Steve and me. All of the dishes had cool names, like the churro and custard were obviously called "Fish Fingers and Custard." I forget what the hotdogs and burgers were called. There were also chicken tenders and potato skins, and a few other desserts. 

There was a Weeping Angel photobooth, which we took advantage of. They sent us a link of the gif and also gave us a print out of our pictures. The angel is a bit off center because some knob before us knocked over the screen and bench. The attendants couldn't fix it to line up the background perfectly. Thanks guy!

There was also a fan art wall where you can draw whatever you want in the little squares. I wanted to do one but couldn't come up with anything clever at the moment. It was only on the way home that I thought of "Don't be lasagna."

Of course a fan meetup wouldn't be complete without bringing out the stars of the show.

I should've mentioned that while we were in line, we were all given a pair of wayfarers as a sort of giveaway/wristband thing. They are actually legit quality and I have worn them out several times. We took a giant selfie later on with the Doctor, while wearing our cool Doctor Who sunglasses.

After Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi walked off stage, they went over to the Fan Art Wall and signed it. Steve and I happened to be standing right by the area so we were able to take these close up pictures of the Moff and Twelve.

And we also got our posters signed!!!

It made the 4-hour wait and getting smushed against the wall absolutely worth it. We're planning on putting the posters in frames someday.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Check back for the last installation of my SDCC 2015 recap.

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