17 August 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

L-R: Avenue, Bumble, Mars, Solow, Trap, Tulle
After waiting four days and thinking my package had been lost in the mail, I finally got my ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip order! The majority of the order was for my mum, but I decided to quickly swatch them all anyway.

I was able to test them out on my lips and was very surprised to find that the formula is very lightweight. It also didn't dry out my lips. As far as longevity goes, the corners faded when I ate. Not a huge deal breaker because most lipsticks do that anyway. It wasn't too noticeable, so that's kind of nice. Removing it was a little bit of a pain though. You definitely need something oil based to take them off. I used coconut oil to completely remove everything.

My mum ordered Avenue, Bumble, Mars, Solow and Tulle, while I ordered Trap and Tulle, which I swatched on myself. The pictures have no filter. Tulle looks just a tiny bit darker because I was quickly losing light.

Overall, I'm extremely happy about this purchase and I highly recommend them not just for the quality, but also for the price!

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