31 May 2015

Seventeen Cheek Stamps

I love going to the UK and finding make-up and skincare products that we don't have here. In fact, that's my main goal when I shop around at Boots and Superdrug. On my second to last trip to Boots, I found these guys and decided to take a chance.

Top: Bashful
Bottom: The Cheek Of It
The cheek stamps are exactly just that: stamps. Yup, spring-loaded and everything. It's a really interesting and also odd way to apply blush, especially since you don't have much control over how much product you can pick up. The sponge applicator actually tends to pick up a lot and it's not a good idea to use it to blend. What I do instead is stamp a couple of times on each cheek and I take a brush and blend it out.

The longevity of the blush itself depends on how my skin is that day, but normally, I'll still be able to see a hint of it after 8 hours or so.

Would I repurchase? Probably not, unless they came out with some out of this world shade that I would feel the need to have in my possession. Otherwise, these are just normal blushers with really quirky applicators.

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