21 March 2015

Topshop Cheek Jelly - Beep

So in doing this post, I realized I hadn't actually swatched the Cheek Jelly on my cheek. But to be honest, I've mostly used it on my lips and that's why I didn't even think about swatching it on my face. They do recommend using it on both lips and cheeks so I swear I'm not using it wrong.

I picked up the Topshop Cheek Jelly in Beep on a whim, without doing any research whatsoever. I knew that would come back to bite me in the behind because I wasn't exactly impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, I do like the way it tints my lips, but I don't think I would waste money on any other shade.

The product itself is pretty pointless and not worth the $14. I bought mine when I was in the UK so the price tag didn't look as unattractive, although I was very much aware of how much it was in US $. It doesn't last all that long on my cheeks (probably because I have oily skin) and it doesn't do much else for my lips either. I still, however, wear it out because it doesn't look terrible on me. It just lasts a total of 8 minutes on me so I have to reapply often.

I definitely would skip this if you're someone with generally oily skin. As a cheek tint, it just will not last. As a lip tint, I don't care for it either. But if you're still curious, I say go ahead and head to your local Topshop ;)


  1. You look so pretty in the picture! If you haven't tried it, check out the cheek gelées from Josie Maran. Those last on oily skin really well!

  2. Aww thank you!! I've seen that before and always wanted to pick one up, but never knew if it'd be good for my skin. I'll definitely keep a lookout for them next time I go make-up shopping. Thanks!

  3. I saw it the other day at Topshop if you decided you want to get this one :D

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