23 March 2015

Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet - Meteoric Matte

I finally picked up one of these coveted Rimmel Lip Velvets while I was at Walgreens a couple of months ago. I don't know when they were released here in the US, though I do know they've been out in the UK for some time under a different moniker. Not sure why they changed the name from Apocalips to Show Off Lip Velvet. Maybe it's so people don't confuse it with Provocalips?

Whatever Rimmel. Your consumers aren't that dumb.

The shade I picked up was Meteoric Matte because I thought it was a shade that would work best on me. It lasted for a few hours on my lips, though I noticed that there was always a little bit of transfer whenever I'd drink from my water bottle. It's not a lot, but I quite prefer when a matte lipstick doesn't transfer at all. It did leave a nice stain on my lips.

Overall, I do like it and if they had more shades that I liked, I'd most likely pick up another. And if you're someone that wants to try liquid lipstick but don't want to spend $15 or more, the Lip Velvets are a good start.

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