10 November 2014

Black Tied Silver Cuff Bracelet

A few weeks ago, I was catching up on what I had missed on etcllymlrs.com. I saw her wearing this exact bracelet in her Autumn GRWM video, except of course it said "LLYMLRS," and thought it was so cool. Lily Melrose is by far my favorite fashion blogger because I really just vibe with her style. I feel like she always looks so chic in whatever she wears and she can make anything look cool. Also, I love understated accessories that are still somehow statement pieces and thought this was perfect for me.

Black Tied is a company based in Ireland and they make lots of fun and edgy jewelry. But don't let the "edgy" part scare you away. Their pieces have more a minimalist feel, which I'm totally into. I know customized jewelry can probably be found here in America, but for whatever reason I really wanted this particular bracelet. It's £12 for a custom bracelet and shipping to the US was only £1.99. My order came out to about $23.

You're maybe asking why I chose to put "Jean" on my bracelet. If you didn't already know, Jean is my middle name. I used to actually hate that name, but as I've grown older, I've learned to appreciate it. I now actually love it. I even sometimes use it at Starbucks, haha.

If you want your very own customized cuff bracelet, check out Black Tied's website.

I just want to give a special shout-out to Black Tied and Laura for their great customer service. I misspelled my email address when I was entering my order (guess I was just too excited) so I never got an order confirmation or anything. I emailed them and asked for the status of my order and got a response the very next day. They even corrected my account information for me. So, many thanks to Black Tied!

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