29 September 2014

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain

I received the Cynthia Rowley Creamy Lip Stain in my June Birchbox. If you didn't already know, I ended my subscription to Birchbox back in August because I was simply no longer getting anything out of it. The boxes I've received the last 4 months have been less than impressive. Even though I had edited my profile several times so that Birchbox would stop sending me hair products and perfume, they just kept on coming. I just didn't feel like paying for a bunch of crap that I knew I wasn't going to use.

The boxes haven't been complete busts, though. There's always been the one item or product that almost makes the $10 worth it. So instead of reviewing each box as a whole, I've decided to just take individual items and review them and this is the first of those reviews!

The shade I received was Sugar, which is a sort of nude pink color. It works real nice with my skintone. At first, I didn't realize it was a lip stain. I thought it was just a plain old lipgloss. But after applying it to my lips, I noticed the difference in texture. It's not sticky and glides on quite smoothly. It's not very opaque and it tends to kind of disappear as soon as you blend it in.

The gloss itself doesn't last very long. My lips sort of absorbed it, but it left a really pretty pink stain. I didn't think it would last all night, but it did. It lasted through chips and salsa, a crab enchilada and a Thai tea boba.  It even lasted through to the next morning.

The full size retails for $20 for 0.17oz of product. I don't think this is anything special and there are so many lip stains available out there that are much cheaper. However, I'm very glad it was included in my box. I'm sure it is something that I'll reach for on those days that I want a very natural look.

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  1. pretty color :)