21 September 2014

August/September Photo Diary

My summer has definitely been quite eventful. If you follow me on Twitter, then some of this might be old news. But for those who don't, hope you enjoy!

In the very beginning of August, I had the opportunity to see Jay-Z and Beyonce's On The Run concert at the Rose Bowl with one of my bests, Genesis.

We made a trip out of the whole day while we were out there. He took me to one of his favorite places to eat called Aroma Coffee & Tea in Studio City. We also visited Trisha at her new place and I met her for the first time after being friends on Twitter and via Gen for years. It was definitely a highlight of my day. The show was great and I really enjoyed myself, even though it was a little awkward to watch at times with all those divorce rumors going around. I likened it to watching your best friend and her husband quietly throwing shade at one another at a dinner party they've invited everyone to. 

If you didn't know, I temporarily went back to having blonde panels. And also turned into a giraffe.

But after two weeks, I quickly grew tired of it and went back to my hairdresser's and told her to dye everything to dark brown. Oddly enough, my appointment happened to be on birthday. Hair appointments are like mini Christmases to me so basically it was Christmas on my birthday. Best day ever.

Oh and did I mention I also got a fringe?...

And momentarily transformed into an Asian Daisy Lowe?

Side note: You know you're getting a little old when the most exciting thing you've done in years is get bangs.

Anyway, I went to the beach in September for the first time this summer, which was technically the second but the other time was at a bonfire at night.

My niece turned 3 this year and her parents threw her a party at the Bahia. And yup, I got on one of those stand-up paddle boards... except I didn't actually stand, haha.

We also had some visitors from Missouri ;)

My bestfriend Steffi and her fiance (YES FIANCE!) visited from Missouri for a weekend and stopped by the beach to hang out. Can you tell how happy I was??

Lots of awesome Padres fun happened too. I unintentionally attended a Seth Smith autograph signing at the Sony store at Fashion Valley.

I finally made it out to a day game to watch the one and only Bobby Cressey play the oregonorgan.

So serious.

Seriously, I love this place.

And lastly...

Tommy and I took a picture for our Save the Date. Just kidding. But this was a pretty awesome day. And yes, he's even prettier in person.

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo diary. I know September isn't over yet, so I may add more pictures to this later on. We shall see...

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