10 August 2014

Topshop Grunge Sticks

My mum and I once again had our quarterly care package exchange. My package included a tub of Sudacrem, a Rimmel blusher and a some Topshop goodies, which I specifically requested.

I asked for the Topshop Brighten in Moonlight,which I've used before, lipstick in the shade The Damned and two Grunge Sticks in Unkempt and Go Go. I hadn't seen the Grunge Sticks on any other blogs before, but I was really intrigued since I've really been into cream shadows lately so naturally I asked my mum to look for them. Fortunately, she was able to find both.

L: Unkempt    R: Go Go
The grunge sticks are pretty much your run of the mill shadow sticks. They glide on very easily and almost have that slick texture, though they aren't as slippery as they may seem at first. These particular shadow sticks have loads of shimmer in them which make that much more fun. I can't comment much on longevity as I only wore them for an hour. I also wore primer underneath so it didn't crease. I can definitely see the pigment fading over the course of the day, though, especially if you don't apply anything else on top of it, like eyeshadow. Topshop was right in naming them "grunge sticks" though because they it feels a bit like you're applying straight grease onto your eyes, especially the black one. They're soft in texture and easy to blend but you have to be kind of quick with blending because they set after awhile. I know that sounds totally contradictory to how I've been describing the grunge sticks, but just trust my description, haha.

I haven't had the proper opportunity to wear them out somewhere so I've done a quick look. Enjoy!

The Topshop Grunge Sticks are definitely perfect for when you want a more a rock n roll vibe. You can just slap them on, apply some really black mascara and be on your way!


  1. Oooh that look is so pretty! I just bought the Go Go shade today so was looking for ways to wear it - you've definitely inspired me!

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xx