22 August 2014

Topshop Lipstick - The Damned

I mentioned in a previous post that my mum sent a care package containing some Topshop goodies, which included this lipstick. I had no intentions of getting it. I just happened to be browsing around the website and saw it. To be honest, I was mostly drawn to the name.

With a name like The Damned, I thought it'd be a bit darker and more vampy, but it's actually a cool-toned berry shade. The Topshop website says it has a matte finish, but I kind of disagree. I think it is similar to the MAC Satin lipsticks. It definitely lasted through a cup of tea and it didn't dry out my lips. It stayed on for a good 5 hours on me and left a nice stain. The corners feather after awhile, but I'm sure that's nothing a good lipliner can't fix.

The Damned is available on the Topshop website for $12 (£8).

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