31 August 2014

MAC Lipstick - Lingering Kiss

Lingering Kiss is part of MAC's new collection called A Novel Romance. I am sucker for anything dark and vampy, if you didn't already know, so I knew I needed to add this to my growing collection. I don't think I have anything similar to it, other than some WnW one that I have never worn.

As far as longevity goes, it does okay. I feel like no matter what, if you eat, your lipstick will come off. I ate some pizza after this and the corners and inside part of my lips obviously feathered. I usually don't like lipliners, but I think it's a must of you want to wear this color.

As a bonus, I did a little test run of a look that is inspired by Gotham Academy's Pomeline Fritch. The book isn't actually even out yet, but Brenden Fletcher tweeted a picture of Pomeline and I instantly vibed with her. She's described as being "fond of demonology books, silver jewelry and anything by Francis Bacon." I'm assuming they mean the artist, Francis Bacon, but I mean she could be into the philosopher too haha. I guess we'll find out on October 1st!

I'm not actually into demonology or even Francis Bacon, but I'm usually drawn to really dark, mysterious characters and Pomeline seems like she is that type. I'm really really really excited for Gotham Academy to come out and see what she's about.

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