14 July 2014

May/June Photo Diary

I'm back attack with my bi-monthly photo diaries and I've kicked off my summer proper. I think...

I got myself a new top from Her Universe and it's become one of my favorite purchases this year.

On Mother's Day, our family had a huge water balloon fight that ended with nearly everyone soaking wet. Absolute fun.

San Diego suffered an intense heatwave and half the city was literally in flames. That's not even one of the bigger fires, but that's how close I was to it at one point.

I finally got a bob! This is the shortest my hair has been in two years. However, it may be the last time as I'm actually really missing my long locks.

Our family got bigger. My cousin's dog Mia had a puppy. World, meet little Harvey!

I made a trip out to the San Diego County Del Mar Fair. I wish I took more pictures, but I kind of just wanted to hang out and experience everything without worrying about making digital memories.

It looks like I'm happy and excited, but really I was about ready to crap my pants. I was riding the gondola when I took this photo and nearly had a panic attack.

View from the top of the scariest ride in the world: The Ferris Wheel

My old highschool now has a Doctor Who Club. Totes jelly!

Props to the artist. This drawing is divine!
I went to a Padres game with my bezzie love and had a blast.

I ate a popsicle that made me cry.

My other bezzie Steffi sent me her extra Drogon and I couldn't be more excited. Seriously, you should've seen me when I opened the box. It was like Christmas!

And last but not least, I got my first sunburn in years. Yeah, I'd say it's been a successful summer so far.

Keep checking back for more photo diaries. The next one will probably be on Comic Con since that is next week! I also finally got myself a proper camera so there'll be tons more pictures than last year's post. Ciao!

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