07 July 2014

June Favorites

  1. L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara & Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Mascara - I've combined the two because I use them together. Alone, the Maybelline one doesn't do much for my lashes. The L'Oreal mascara does fine on its own, but I always want that extra umph when it comes to my lashes so I top it off with the Maybelline one. False Fiber Lashes adds volume, while Volum' Express Falsies adds length and curl. Neither one flakes or smudges onto my lower lash line so it's quite nice. Great duo!
  2. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze - I've praised this product before in the past. It really is one of the best cream shadows out there. I've been trying to add just a bit of color and depth to my lids lately, but I wanted to do it with minimal effort. Bad to the Bronze does the job for me. Best of all, I don't need to use any brushes to apply it on, which makes my routine that much quicker.
  3. e.l.f. Eyelid Primer - Who knew this was actually decent? This past month, I've been putting more effort into using my eyeshadow collection. I finally took it out of the Maleficent Disney Villains palette and gave it a go since the only other primer I have is the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. It is not too shabby. It prevents creasing, even on a really hot summer day.
  4. e.l.f. Essential Liquid Eyeliner - I've really been into 60's make-up lately and I've been relying on this eyeliner to give me the perfect wing. For such a cheap product, the formula is impressive. It stays on all day and does not crease. I haven't used liquid eyeliner in a long time so the first few days were touch and go, but I'm more comfortable with the applicator now. The brush isn't too flimsy or too firm and the handle is the perfect length.
  5. Forever 21 Chunky Flatform Sandals - These sandals have been my "default" since the summer began. They're so cute and uber trendy, I really couldn't resist getting them. You can go full-on casual with them (as I've done below) or wear them with a summer dress. They're incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in. I wore them to the fair and was on my feet for a good 5 hours and my feet didn't hurt once. I wish I could buy another pair as a back-up. That's how much I love them.
Yay for photos taken at the office!!

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