25 June 2014

NOTD | Amy Pond Series - Amy's Choice

In this NOTD, I'm taking you to 7th episode of Series 5. In this episode, the Doctor and the Ponds find themselves in bit of trouble with a Dream Lord. They're forced to choose between two “realities.” In one reality, Amy and Rory finally get married and settle down in a nice cottage in a little village. Oh and not to mention, they're expecting. In the other reality, they're stuck in the TARDIS heading towards a cold star, unable to steer themselves away.

Anyway, there's old people, aliens, old people aliens turning children into dust (I'm not making this up), the dude from The Hunger Games shows up and Amy pretends to go into labor. Just your run-of-the-mill Doctor Who episode really.

Promo photos from whoiskarengillan.com
In this episode, Amy was not wearing any sort of nail polish. Well, not that I can remember at least. So I decided I'd match my nails to something in the episode and I decided on Amy's sweater.

I'm wearing butter LONDON in Queen Vic. This color is so divine. I think it's a pretty close match, don't you think?

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