02 May 2014

March/April Photo Diary

So, who has two thumbs and just bought a new laptop? This guy! Lots of fun stuff have happened since my last real post so I thought catch you guys up. March and April were pretty eventful, which included in a semi-drastic change in my hair. If you've been following me long enough, you'll know that I added blonde panels to my hair almost two years ago because I wanted to look like Narcissa Malfoy. I get bored of my hair very easily and it was kind of surprising that I kept the blonde for so long. But back in March, I had grown tired of the blonde and wanted to switch it up a bit so I decided on making my panels blue.

The blue in my hair is now actually a darker indigo color, which I'm madly in love with. I might end up dying my entire head this color someday.

At the end of March, my family and I headed up to Vegas to celebrate my uncle's birthday. I know, you're thinking parties, champagne, pool, girls, bikinis, but none of that happened. My aunt and uncle own a house there and whenever we go, we all just end up staying home. This was how I spent the majority of my time in Vegas: on my back... reading.

We ended up eating at some Chinese Buffet and I ate way too much. This is me and my cousin after we scarfed down our food:

We love food. Especially free food.
After lunch, we walked to Petco to check out the pets they had for adoption. They had some direwolves outside and I wanted them all.

On the way back to San Diego, there was mad traffic (what else is new?) so my cousin's husband decided he'd take a "shortcut." We basically went off-roading for maybe 10 miles, which felt more like 80 because we had no idea where the dirt road we were on was going to dump us and we were driving 15mph. Plus we were so scared that one of the tires was going to pop because we were driving on rocks. Anyway, the road eventually lead us to Whiskey Pete's.

My poor Mia was a little shaken up by the bumpy ride.

April brought on more fun. I went to Opening Day at Petco Park to watch my Padres in action and got to see some of my GLB peeps.

Do you even guide bro?

My facialist's new spa opened recently and she invited all of her clients to the grand opening. If you want to meet the lady that changed my skin and life, visit her at LC Spa on Convoy!

Jennifer, my savior.

I normally don't do anything for Easter, but since I now live with a toddler, there was lots of Easter-y activities going on in the house. My niece LP is finally old enough to decorate eggs (in her own little 2-year old way), so we did that the night before. 

I was really excited to do it because I've never decorated eggs before. We were kind of poor when I was growing up so any activities involving playing with and possibly wasting food never happened around our household. My mother would have none of it.

How awesome is this "egg"? My niece brought it home from an Easter Egg Hunt.

He's called "Duck Vader" according to LP.
And that's all for March and April. Hope you enjoyed my little photo diary. Sorry for being away for so long. Now that I have a new laptop, I should be blogging regularly again. I hope May brings more fun and exciting things!


  1. welcome back! great post dude. -Steffi

  2. Welcome back! You would look amazing with indigo hair! :D