02 May 2014

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Apparently I'm late to this party, but I only found out about it last month. Forever 21 recently launched their own "premium" cosmetics line. There was no buzz around the internet regarding this launch so I was pleasantly surprised to see it at the Forever 21 at Fashion Valley. I decided to take a gander at what they had to offer.

There was a nice selection of powder blushes. The shades all looked pretty standard to be honest. Nothing to write home about. Each blusher cost $9.80 and although I was tempted to get one, there wasn't a shade in the collection I didn't already have at home. I wasn't hurting that much for a new blusher.

The shade range for their foundations, powders and concealers are pretty limited, but that's to be expected. I would've been more surprised if they had more shades. I bought a concealer and although I'm pretty fair skinned, even the shade in Light 001 was way too light for me. I bought it in Medium instead and that shade is still a tad lighter than my skin tone. Tan was too dark amd orange. The concealer was only $10.80 and I don't hate it. I'll put up the review for that sometime later.

I'm a bit of a foundation snob so drugstore/cheap brands never really attract my attention. I don't care to try anything new if I already have something that works for me.

The same goes for skincare. I don't know that I'd ever try the moisturizer or primer. The beauty tools were pretty standard too. I'd rather buy an e.l.f. brush. I also saw a brow kit, but of course, it had too much red in it so I didn't even bother.

There was a pretty good selection of eyeshadows. They don't have any palettes (at least not yet), so you have to buy each shadow separately and they retail for $7.80 each. There were also cream eyeshadows, also $7.80 each. I'm thinking of getting myself one the next time I go there. I looked at all the mascaras and I instantly knew none of them would work for me.

The lipstick selection is pretty decent. Unfortunately, I couldn't swatch them that day because someone decided they'd eat the tops off of them. The lipsticks cost $8.80 and I am more than likely going to get one the next time I go. Another item that I've put on my list is the lip & cheek stain, which I forgot to photograph. I swatched it and was intrigued.

Side note: am I the only one that thinks the Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics packaging looks oddly similar to the Topshop Cosmetics packaging? I have a theory that both Forever 21 and Topshop get their products from the same company.

All in all, this new line from Forever 21 isn't crazy exciting, nor does it contain anything that's a "must-have." It's definitely a good place to start if you're new to make-up because although it is cheap, I do think that some of the products are of decent quality.


  1. I also thought the packaging looked very similar to Topshop's. The blushes looked pretty but the price was a bit too high. I saw Dulce Candy and Judy from Itsjudytime use some of the products in a recent tutorial and wasn't too impressed with the line. :\ I might end up getting a blush since it's kind of hard to screw that up. lol

    1. Yeah, I'm not really sure it was necessary for them to come out with a cosmetics line, though it does look like it's a bit better quality than the cheaper stuff they sell by the registers haha. Obviously we're not Forever 21's target audience for this =P