26 May 2014

April/May Favorites

Hi cutie pies! Time for some favorites. I'm combining April and May because there were some favorites from the last part of April that spilled over to May.

  1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (new formula) - Alright, I bought into the hype thanks to MUA Wayne Goss. I watched his YouTube video on this and it piqued my interest. Wayne is usually very honest when it comes to his reviews so to hear him give this product such high praises was enough to convince me to give this foundation a go. Let me tell you that I am so glad I did. I'm really convinced that this might be close to HG status. First of all, the finish is fantastic and really feels and LOOKS like your own flawless skin. It's medium coverage and buildable. Secondly, it lasts quite awhile on my oily skin and doesn't melt off. I can vouch for this as we recently experienced a horrendous heatwave here in San Diego and while my skin freaked out and decided to oil up a storm, the meltdown was kept at a minimum. While we're on the subject of my problematic skin, it's good to mention that I have had no irritation or breakouts. This is my first foundation stick and it's pretty awesome that I hit the jackpot on the first go. Another reason why this made my favorites list is because it speeds up my morning routine that much more. The only thing I don't like about this is the price tag: $44 for .31oz/9g of product.
  2. Mai Couture Highlighter Papier in St. Barts - Basically, these are kind of the opposite of blotting paper. Each individual paper contains highlighting powder on it and all you do is swipe it on all the areas you want to highlight. Very easy to use and you don't need to use brushes or anything else.
  3. Bourjois Delice de Poudre - I've been looking rather pale lately and I thought I'd bring some life to my complexion since it's nearing summer and this has been doing the trick. It's a nice warm color and it contains little to no shimmer so it looks very natural. It also smells amazing!
  4. MAC Lipstick in Captive - This is the lipstick I've been reaching for every morning. It just seems to work for almost all outfits. It also looks great with my skin tone. Check out my swatch.
  5. Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain in Waltz - I've been pairing this up with Captive a lot because it makes Captive a bit darker. It also looks great alone when I want to have the popsicle lip look. 
  6. Submarine Original Soundtrack - I rediscovered this CD just this past month when I was looking through a box that I hadn't unpacked since I moved last November. I absolutely adore the movie and I'm so glad the director asked Alex Turner to contribute songs to the soundtrack. My favorite tracks are "Glass in the Park" and "It's Hard to Get Around the Wind."

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