24 March 2014

Swatch | Illamasqua Maneater

In the shade.

Direct sunlight.
Okay, so I know I said the Topshop Lip Crayon in Royal was my favorite red lipstick EVAR, but I might've spoken way too soon because Illamasqua's Maneater is just pure perfection. Maneater is from the I'm The One Collection, released February of this year. It is a cherry red lipstick with a true matte finish that is long-lasting.

I've heard some comments about how it rivals MAC's Ruby Woo and I must say that I agree. I would describe this red as perfect, as it is neither too warm nor too cool. It is very pigmented and stays put. I can definitely attest to this as I have been able to drink an entire cup of hot tea and manage to still have the brightest red lips. Maneater to me is a true red that will look good with any skintone. It is a vibrant red that will brighten any complexion and add that extra "umph" to your look, no matter what time of day or season. Although it is matte, it is not drying on the lips. I've read complaints about how it tugs a bit when you apply it, and it does, but I think that goes for any kind of matte lipstick. However, once you get over that initial swipe, it warms up pretty quickly and from there, application is a breeze. This for me is a must-have in any girls' collection. If you're going to buy a red lipstick, make it Maneater ;)

Maneater retails for $24 here in the US. Illamasqua is sold at Bloomingdales and select Sephora locations (but available online).

Yes, I have blue hair >__<


  1. That colors looks GORGEOUS! And it looks so nice on you. :-)

    1. Thank you! I love it, I wanna wear it everyday!