03 March 2014

February Favorites

  1. MAC Lipstick in Oh Oh Oh - I won this in a giveaway and it seems to be the one that I reach for whenever I can't decide on what to wear for the day. 
  2. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - Yes, I only just bought this, but it's already one of my favorite brow products ever. It has a similar consistency to the wax that comes in the Benefit Brow-zings compact, but this one stays put once it sets. Trust me on this as I am often walking around with a splotch of brown on my right hand from when I wipe off the excess off my angled brush. It takes a few washes for me to really get it off. Also, I have oily skin and there's never any transfer whenever I blot. Anastasia Soare has got the eyebrow game on lock. 
  3. HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel - Could it be that I've found my HG cleanser? Maybe. I'm pretty much in love with it though, so it's pretty close to HG status. This cleanser claims to cleanse, remove make-up and tone. I still use make-up wipes before washing my face, but I think this one of the very few cleansers that actually have left my skin feeling squeaky clean without scrubbing like crazy. It also doesn't leave my skin looking irritated after cleansing. I've noticed some cleansers do that, even when they don't have the scrubbing beads. It definitely dissolves make-up and can remove waterproof mascara easily. Best of all, it contains sebacic acid to prevent breakouts and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. I've seen a difference in my skin since I've started using this. I wish I could buy more HydroPeptide products but they are SO expensive!
  4. Baby Powder - So, I don't wash my hair everyday. Not even every other day or every two days. I hate washing my hair because it makes my hair kind of flat, and I like my hair to be very voluminous and to have that bedhead look. I've tried a whole bunch of dry shampoos, both high-end and drugstore brands, all with rather disappointing results (except for Batiste and Klorane, which are pretty decent and my only recommendation). However, I've found that the best product to keep oily roots away and still hold your blowout/curls is good ol' baby powder. I've gone 7 days without washing my hair and at day 6, it still looked good. Day 7 was pushing it for me though, but it still didn't look or feel too greasy or nappy. Baby powder dude.
  5. 8 ring from Nordstrom Rack - I love simple, understated jewelry. Actually, I love everything understated. It's just my steeze. I saw these rings back in December, but since it was around the time I was doing my Christmas shopping, I couldn't afford to get myself anymore presents. I did make a mental note though to go back again after Christmas. Luckily, they still had these rings in stock back in January and best of all, they were on clearance! Each ring was only $2 each. They have a whole bunch of these in different letters and numbers. I couldn't find one that had an "N" on it so I settled on the number 8 (and of course had to get it in silver and gold), which is my favorite number.


  1. Those rings are super cute!!! - Steffi

  2. The rings are adorable! The Anastasia pomade sounds so good! I need to get it sometime this year.

    1. Yes you must try it! I think they'll be releasing more shades in the fall.