17 January 2014

NOTD | Amy Pond Series - Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

Hiya! Here's another installment of my Amy Pond NOTD Series. I'm really surprised that I've kept it up for this long. I believe this is my 11th one. Awww 11th... Okay sorry, just had a quick cry there. If you watch Doctor Who, you probably understand why.

Today I'm taking you all to Series 5 once more. I'm combining two episodes into one because this particular story was a two-parter. In these episodes we meet the Weeping Angels again, the first time being in Series 3 in the episode called "Blink." Though this is Amy's first encounter with them it's definitely, and unfortunately, not her last. So what ARE Weeping Angels? Well I'll let a certain Tenth Doctor explain.

If you didn't watch that because it was tl;dr (or rather dw), basically Weeping Angels are statues that can only move when you're not looking at them. Their special power, amongst the moving when you're not looking or if you blinked thing, is that they can send you back in time. It really is the nicest way to kill someone. You're displaced in time and space and you live out the rest of your life wherever they send you.

But enough about them. Here's what you all came for:

Images from the episode are copyright of the BBC.

I probably should've warned you not to blink when you scrolled down to see the swatch. Also, I probably should've mentioned that whatever holds the image of an angel, becomes itself an angel. So basically we're screwed.

Okay, enough joking around. In this episode, Amy is actually wearing a greyish-lilac nail polish. I don't have a color like that (yet), so I decided to use the Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in London instead. It's one of those textured nail polishes, similar to OPI's Liquid Sand. I used this polish in particular because the matte finish and slightly gritty texture reminded me of statues. I'm only realizing now that it doesn't really actually match the color of the Weeping Angels, but I think you guys know where my head's at.

If you've made it to this point in the post, bless you. I know I write a lot, but I think with this particular series of posts, putting things into context makes them more enjoyable. Also, if you've made it up to here, then that also means you haven't blinked. So good on you! And if you didn't... well then I wish you the very best and hope that the angel sent you somewhere fun and exciting.


  1. I haven't tried the pixie dust polishes but they look amazing!

    1. They're so fun! And they dry so fast. I've got two of them already. I hope to get more :D