01 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Happy belated Christmas and a Happy New Year cuties! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and are spending it with your loved ones.

I had a great Christmas this year and I have so many people to thank for making it a truly special one. My family and I spent Christmas day doing nothing but eating and watching A Christmas Story and Doctor Who, so I guess you can say it was perfect.

One of my nieces is starting to get into make-up. Not so much for herself, but she loves to put make-up on others. I let her play with my collection and she played make-up artist for the night :D

When you get old like me, you don't really get presents anymore. However, the presents that you do get tend to be more meaningful and also more useful. I really wanted to do a Christmas post because I have so many awesome people to thank this year! So without further ado, here's what I got for Christmas...

Good-bye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson: Got this graphic novel from my friend Tiffany. It's one of her favorites and I'm glad that she's shared it with me.

Doctor Who 2014 Calendar: This was one of the items on my little wishlist. I didn't expect to get it, but my friend Ryan was so awesome and surprised me by having it sent to my work. So excited to use it! You don't even know!

Philosophy Shower Gel Sweets: This was actually a sort of re-gift from my cousin. I was shopping with her for her friends' Secret Santa thing and she was going to get this for her person. I had mentioned that I wanted that too, but I ended up not buying it. I guess she heard me and was so surprised when I saw this in my gift bag.

Fresh Sugar Fix: When I was doing my Christmas shopping, I saw this at Sephora and wanted it. It was kind of one those things that I didn't really need so I left it. But to my surprise, Tiffany got it for me. Isn't it crazy how things work out like that? I've already used the scrub and I'm freaking obsessed!

amika Nourishing Mask: I initially asked my brother to get me the smaller tube because I know that fool don't have money (haha), but he ended up getting me the tub instead. Seriously one of my favorite presents ever.

GE Power Strip: Umm yah, I did ask for this because you can never have too many. Thanks bro.

Love these little presents from my cousins. The gloves are from Target and they're the kinds that allow you to use your touchscreen device without having to take them off. I also got some brown knee high socks. I've got black ones and never thought to get brown ones, so this a great addition to my collection.

Karuna Clarifying Mask, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, butter LONDON in HRH: These are all my presents from BFF Steffi. She and I exchanged presents this year. We even Facetimed and opened our presents together. One of my favorite Christmas memories of this year :D

Fiorelli Ted Crossbody Bag: I've been needing an everyday bag for awhile now. And by everyday, I also mean sensible and not oversized, lol. I needed something I can walk around in and not feel like I'm lugging around 8 lbs. worth of stuff. This was also on my list and my parents jumped right on it and ordered it. They're amazing.

As you get older, you start to realize that unless you have a significant other, getting the things you really want for Christmas means you have to get it for yourself. Nobody cares about you when you get older.

Just kidding. Some people will care about you. But not as much as when you were 5 or something.
Okay sorry. Anyway, these were my presents for myself!

essie Holiday Collection Kit: Everytime I saw this at Target, I always felt the urge to grab one for myself. When I finally decided I was going to buy it for myself, I got super lucky and snagged the very last one. I haven't seen anymore since. It was meant to be.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine: I mean HOW COULD I NOT?!

Aren't those presents awesome?? I just want to thank everyone who thought of me and not just the people who gave me gifts, but also those who texted/tweeted/emailed/etc. I also want to thank all my followers and everyone that visits my little corner of the interwebs. You are all amazing and I truly appreciate your love. I love you all and I mean it from the bottom of my two hearts heart.

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