07 December 2013

Ross, Old Navy and Hot Topic Haul

Hey sexies! So this past Friday was payday and I thought I'd check out my favorite store, Ross, to see if I can buy more sweaters because you can never have too many of those. I also headed over to Old Navy if they had any good deals and I got very lucky with a jacket that I've been wanting for a long time. I also ordered something special from Hot Topic last week and it came in yesterday.

Check out my haul! I feel like I came up on some really good pieces :)

As soon as I saw this sweater, I knew I had to have it. I bought it specifically for a skirt that I already have. I can't wait to put this outfit together!

Along with sweater/jumpers, I'm also obsessed with ankle boots. There are these peep-toe ankle boots from GUESS that I've wanted for a long time, but even when it's on sale, it's still too expensive for me. These boots are kind of a similar style to it, so when I saw them, I immediately grabbed them. It's still not like the GUESS booties, but it's okay. I think it's a good alternative.


Okay, this is probably one of my favorite purchases of the year. Yes, the tag says $69.94 but it was actually on sale for $35! It's pretty good quality. I've tried it out today and it kept me pretty warm. 

And last but not least....


on sale for $14.95
This was the only thing I found worth spending money on on Cyber Monday. I already have a top similar to this by the same brand except it has a TARDIS on it. Can't wait to get me geek on in this shirt. Exterminate!!

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