09 July 2013


It's always dangerous when ASOS has a sale. Last week they had a huge sale with items up to 70% off and well, this happened...

Obviously, I didn't make it and eventually clicked the check-out button. However, I'm happy to say that I'm glad I clicked that button because I am now a proud owner of some cute pieces!

Check out the pictures after the jump. I'll also show you how to stretch an outfit three different ways!

I am a sweater/jumper junkie. I admit it. I have a serious problem with it. If I had no self control, I'd buy all the sweaters in the world. Luckily, I have a teensy bit and the fact that I live in San Diego, where the weather is almost always perfect, I can always talk myself out of buying too many sweaters knowing that I won't have too many opportunities to wear them. But I digress...

Last year at Comic Con, Karen Gillan wore this super cute Phillip Lim sweater that had the words "Ka-Pow" on it in comic lettering (for lack of a better term). I saw it and basically convinced myself that I needed it, but the £400 price tag was a little much for me (just a tad). So when I saw this sweater on sale, I HAD to snag it.

Of course, my Karen outfit wouldn't be complete without the black mini skirt so I looked around for one that was on sale. It must've been my lucky day because I found the perfect one!

Here's the finished look, with a side-by-side comparison of Karen Gillan's outfit. Don't mind the mess in the background. I was throwing around a bunch of my clothes looking for an outfit for work earlier in the day.

Photo of Karen Gillan courtesy of Polyvore.com

My shoes are some random loafer wedges that I bought on Amazon a couple of months ago.

Apart from sweaters, you give me anything with a Peter Pan collar and I'm on board. So when I saw this dress, it went into my cart immediately.

I knew when I got this dress that I was going to be able to stretch it into several different outfits. Here are three ways to wear it (though I'm sure there are handful of other ways to do it):

You can even add some black tights if you'd like! I know I'll be wearing it that way in the fall. In the second photo, I just added a belt with the same loafer wedges. In the third photo, I'm wearing a pair of flat ankle boots that I bought at DSW ages ago. The possibilities are endless with dress!

While I'm on the subject of shopping on ASOS, I know some people are confused with their sizing. The sizes convert from European size to US sizes so they are a little off. If you don't already know your size, I highly suggest you take a look at their sizing chart so that you can choose the correct US size. I always have to order their US6 which is roughly a US Small or US2/4.

Okay, y'all need to stop reading this and head over to ASOS.com before their sale ends. Happy shopping!


  1. OMG, I love that dress! Totes adorbs. -Steffi

    1. Isn't it?? Ugh I'm so in love with it :D

  2. You look amazing! I'm loving your purchases. <333

    1. Thanks, me too! I honestly could live in that dress, I love it so much!