02 May 2013

Swatches - Topshop Lippies 2

I am spoiled, I really am. My mum mom is the best. Last month she sent me a package full of goodies, which included two Topshop lipsticks, a Topshop lip crayon, a sharpener, 2 Sleek BB Creams and a pair of black flats from Primark (I know I'm ridiculous). She loves me :)

The swatches I'm providing today are for the Topshop PH Reactive Lip Tint in Jewel (left) and the Topshop Matte Finish Moisturising Lipstick in All About Me (right).

Topshop PH Reactive Lip Tint in Jewel

The lip tint is supposed to adjust to an orange shade the best suits the color of your lips. Maybe I just didn't put on enough, but it didn't add a lot of tint to make it noticeable. The weird thing though is that when I wiped it off, it came out pink. Anyway, despite all of that, I actually really like it. I'm not one to always wear bold lips on a daily basis. I like to keep it very simple every now and then.

Topshop Matte Finish Moisturising Lipstick in All About Me

It's oh so very very pink and oh so very creamy. I was not disappointed. Seriously, they need to start selling Topshop make-up here in San Diego. The people* need to know about this stuff!

Alright, I've got a couple more on the way. Come back soon!

*people = mainly like my friends and stuff...


  1. Topshop lipsticks are really good! I'm such a sucker for any products that change color on contact. I really want to get my hands on the Barry M's Touch of Magic lipstick that goes from green to pink!

    Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. I tried it again the next day and put on a lot more. It turned my lips pink haha! But I love it, it's defo an interesting product. I've heard about the Barry M one. I will have to pick one up when I go back to London.

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  2. Those colors look so fun!!

    xo Jen


    1. Aren't they?? They're not very expensive either. X

  3. i love love love that pink shade!! so beautiful x

    1. It really is :D You're so lucky you've got Topshop at your disposal. The closest one to me is two hours away =P x