21 May 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag May.2013 - Spring Fling

Heya! I am back from that random 2 week hiatus. I'm going to ease into blogging again with my monthly samples. This month's Ipsy Glam Bag is all about Spring... though it's nearly summer.

Product List:
  • Pacifica Bronzing Body Butter - I'm sure this is lovely as my last Pacifica lotion sample was amazing. However, since I'm not really into tanning (and already have tanning towelettes), this will be going to my lovely mother for our quarterly care package exchange.
  • Yaby Concealer Refill in Buff - Don't mind if I do. I have a ton of little concealers already, but I'm always down to try something new.
  • Zoya Nail Polish in Blu - This month's bag was very much hyped due to the fact that Ipsy was going to provide a full sized bottle of a Zoya nail polish. Zoya, by the way, is an excellent brand and I do highly recommend their nail polishes. This color is not exactly my style (and seriously I JUST bought an Essie one similar to this), but you will NEVER find me complaining about getting free nail polish.
  • Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Hypnotic - Going to mother. I'm sure it's fine, but I'm not a lip liner collector. In fact, I hardly ever use them.
  • Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink - Juice Beauty is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. This lipgloss is brilliant. In the words of another Juice Beauty Babe, "it's silky, not sticky." It also smells like candy which is a huge plus! I'll do a swatch soon.

This month's bag was pretty good. I'm a satisfied customer. Also, the bag is nice. I love the colors!

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