18 April 2013

Swatch - Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush in Passion

Hello! I'm back with another swatch of Daniel Sandler's amazing Watercolour Fluid Blush and this time, I've got a little Passion ;)

This one is the other sample I bought and wanted to try on. This is more peachy toned and actually has a bit of shimmer in it, but I just couldn't capture it which is a shame. I love this shade just as much as I like Cherub. Both look natural and are so very pretty. I'm also giving this shade two thumbs up!

If you're in the US like me, you can purchase Daniel Sandler products on his website www.danielsandler.com. You can also follow Daniel on Twitter @danielsandler and @DSandlerMakeup. He is really sweet and is always so kind and gracious :)

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