30 April 2013

NOTD | Amy Pond Series - The Asylum of the Daleks

In the opening episode of Series 7, we see the Ponds on the verge of divorce and the Daleks employing the Doctor's help. We also get to meet the Doctor's new companion. As we saw in "Closing Time" in Series 6, Amy became a model. In the beginning of this episode, we see her displaying her amazing ability to "pout at a camera."

Image source: www.whoiskarengillan.com

Throughout this episode, Amy is seen wearing a grey hue on her nails. For this NOTD, I used one of my favorites which is Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Grey Area. Whoa, tongue-twister. I love this brand because it is long-wearing and does not chip. Best of all, it's very cheap!

Apologies for two Series 7 episodes in a row. I'll switch it up next time :)

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