24 January 2013

IMATS Los Angeles 2013 Haul

This past Sunday (Jan 20) was IMATS in Los Angeles. Needless to say, I had a great time with my girls Steffi and Veralyn. I think this year was our most successful year yet, in terms of purchasing really awesome products. We were definitely wiser with our spending. I think that also had to do with the fact that NYX wasn't there this year ;)

Here's everything I got:

  • Brush Case from Crown Brush - Gah, I HAD to get this. It's so beyond genius. It's a case that can be used to store brushes when you travel, but it can also be used to hold your brushes on your vanity. Absolutely brill.
  • Nail accessories - I'm so glad we stopped by the Shany Cosmetics booth. They had this table where everything on it was 5 for $10. Steffi and I decided we'd get 5 things together so we each got a pack of the dotting tools, a packet of the nail polish strips each and we split the pack of stickers.The set of brushes was from Crown Brush for $1.
  • Earrings - I don't remember what booth it was that I got these earrings from, but they were very cheap. I fell in love with the ones that are for lobes with two piercings. And I also couldn't help but get the star earrings. I have this thing with asymmetry. In elementary school I used to wear a different earring on each ear because I thought it was more fun that way, haha.

  • Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire - I've been wanting to try this. Just waiting to finish my 500ml Bioderma one. Almost there!
  • Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer - You should all know by now that I'm obsessed with finding the best products for eyebrows. Their setting spray is amazing so I thought I'd give this a try.
  • BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette - Okay so I've been googling like a mad woman trying to look for this, but can't find anything on it. I know that's it's definitely a special edition palette from a collection called the California Makeup Palette Collection. Is this just not out yet? Or is it just really old? Anyway, it was $6 and it comes with eyeshadows and blush! I saw two others that are called Hollywood and I think it was Malibu. It was very beach looking. I didn't bother to pick it up because the eyeshadow colors were just too obnoxious.
  • OCC Lip Tars in Vintage and NSFW - Don't know if you can tell from the picture but Vintage is the darker one. I regretted not buying any the last time we went so I made sure to get myself a couple this time around. These lip tars are serious business man. They are so pigmented and they last all day. And all you need is a dot to cover your lips. These lip tars do not play. (everytime I say lip tar, I wanna say Reptar)
  • ORG Skincare Organic Mineral Peel for Face - This was actually a gift from ORG Skincare. They had contacted me via email prior to IMATS asking if I was going. They told me that they had a special gift that they had prepared to give me. I researched their product beforehand just to see what they were all about. At IMATS, they performed a demo on my hand on how the product actually works. Basically you spray it on your skin and it works as an exfoliator, except it has absolutely NO abrasive products in it. Best of all, it's made with all natural ingredients. You just rub the product and it lifts all this gunk off your skin. I was AMAZED. I have yet to try it on my face though, but I will do that soon. After a couple of weeks I will be able to give a proper review so keep an eye out for that. Here's a quick video showing how the product works. Thanks to ORG Skincare for the wonderful gift and hospitality! Being the skincare junkie that I am, I am so glad to be able to try this brilliant product.

Okay almost there... the next set of products were things my mom had asked me to get for her.

  • Mehron Cheek Creams in Tawny Pink & Red Rose - I had never heard of this brand before, but they were there with a giant booth. I think this brand is mostly for theater and cinema.
  • BH Party Girl Palette - Woohoo, more palettes. I actually contemplated getting myself one. I think they were $8 at IMATS.
  • Assorted Crown Brushes - Please don't ask me to name each brush. I really don't know. I just know the top four are from the Infinity Series.

Yay, you guys made it to the end! Hope you had fun looking at all that =P

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