12 November 2012

NOTD feat. OPI Skyfall

Hey hotties! Today's NOTD is brought to you by OPI Skyfall, from the Skyfall Collection. It's the only one I really wanted from the collection. I mean the colors in the collection aren't ugly or anything, but this is the only one that really caught my eye. So prets!

ALSO, just this past Sunday, I got my very first tattooooo. It was very exciting and I was kind of nervous even though it's such a baby tattoo. Fortunately, my dear Veralyn was there to calm me down because I was hysterical!

Just kidding, I totes wasn't. The experience wasn't so bad and took a total of five minutes to complete because it was so baby. It took longer to set-up all the equipment. 

And yes, I am that ridics pale.

Everytime I look at it, I forget it's real because it looks like I just drew it on with an eyeliner pen. But it's the real deal... and it's starting to itch already.

Nicole x


  1. Congrats on your tat! Are you addicted yet? :)

    1. Haha, kind of! I'm trying to get another when I go on vacay this month. But honestly, I don't think I could ever get a real big piece. I'd probably cry =P