04 October 2012

NOTD feat. butter London Tea with the Queen

So sorry for lack of updates that aren't about nails/nail polish, but right now, I am completely obsessed with nail polish. I'm not big into nail art, simply because I just don't have the patience and I'm not very good at the artsy things, but I cannot resist changing up the color of my nails. It's just so fun!

I was trying to find out how I suddenly became so crazy about nail polish, when it hit me while watching Angels Take Manhattan (yeah I'm talking about Doctor Who). If you watch the show, do you ever notice how in every episode Amy always has different colored polish on? And they're always like fun colors that somehow match her outfit or the theme of the show?

Well anyway, I would just like to say thank you to Amy Pond for sparking this interest and for always wearing cool outfits that inspire me. You are gone but not forgotten.

Okay enough geeking out. Check out Tea with the Queen.

According to butter London's website, Tea with the Queen is:
"On the pink side of tan, very neutral, but never boring tan nail lacquer. Understated and exceptional for work, or obviously, tea with the Queen."
... whatever that means. I was actually a bit surprised when I put this on. For whatever reason I thought it was supposed to resemble the color of tea (which is more on the cooler/brown side), but this is more pink/warm. I love it, it's cute and dries really fast. This is my first ever butter London nail polish and I'm impressed.

Can't say it's worth $14, but it's pretty good :)

Nicole x

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