12 September 2012

NOTD feat. OPI German-icure

Today's NOTD is brought to you by OPI's German-icure from the Germany Collection

This color almost reminds me of a more vibrant and red Midnight in Moscow. I love this color because it is just so VAMPY! It just screams Sexy!, don't you think?

Now I know there's been a lot of confusion between this and the color Every Month is Oktoberfest because both polishes look exactly the same when judging just by the bottle. I was confused too when I first received my box. I thought that they had just mislabeled one of the bottles. I looked for different swatches from different bloggers and it seems half of them were confusing the two colors with each other. After a lot of Googling, I found on this website the description for each color. As you can see, German-icure has a more red/burgundy base as opposed to Oktoberfest which has a more plum/purple base. If you take the two bottles and open it up, you can actually tell which is which. I made sure to do that to mine just in case they did accidentally swap the labels (they didn't for mine). Anyway, just a little tidbit to those who had the same issues as me. Hope that was helpful :)

Until next time...

Nicole x

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