07 August 2012

Pick Out My Birthday Present!

Hey cuties! So, um, my birthday is coming up very soon. I'm now (and have been for quite sometime) at that age where I have to buy myself my own presents because I'm just too old to have my mother or someone else buy it for me. Plus I don't have a sugardaddy boyfriend/husband so I really have no other choice. For the past month I've been trying to think of something really nice to give myself. I decided on a watch since I've never owned a proper "grown-up" watch.

I've finally narrowed it down these four. So come on, join in on all the fun and help me pick out my present!





You're all probably like, "What the heck?! They all look the same!"

Well they kind of do. But seriously, what do you guys think? Leave a comment or tweet me @eyeheart_nicole!

Your input would be well appreciated!!

Nicole x

Image source: nordstrom.com


  1. #1 and #4 aren't the same?! in any case my vote goes for #1. No #4. #1 or #4.

    1. #4 is a little bit bigger and it has the 3 dials instead of one. People seem to like #1 the best.