03 June 2012

Photo Diary: The Making of Harry Potter WB Studios Tour Part 1

Whoa that was a mouthful... I've decided to split this up into several parts because I ended up taking a lot of pictures and there's just so much to go over.

The next couple of posts will be dedicated to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Last Thursday, I had the privilege to visit the WB Studios in Leavesden, which is just outside of London. The tour takes you behind the scenes through actual sets and the back lot where some outdoor scenes were filmed. At just £28 per ticket, I'd say this tour is more than worth it. If you want to add more to your experience, audio/digital guides are available for just £5 each and it's narrated by none other than Tom Felton, better known as Draco Malfoy. I highly recommend getting the digital guide because they do reveal some extra tidbits/secrets you otherwise would not have known.

So let's get started, shall we?

We arrived at the WB Studios just a bit early for our 3:30pm tour (okay three hours early) to save time and to avoid any traffic. We were already at the airport after dropping my friend off and since my parents' place is on the other side of London, it would've been useless to go back home.

The parking lot is quite big, so if you're driving there, you don't need to worry about it. Parking is free! Also, it's easy to find since the place is in the middle of a suburban area. Pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb. Upon seeing the building, my inner geek wanted to cry out in awe, excitement and pure joy. I kept my cool though.

The front doesn't look that big. I actually thought it was a bit small seeing as there were 8 Harry Potter films in all. But it is a lot bigger once you get inside like the TARDIS.

In the foyer, they have just to side the three main actors' hand prints. They were cast during the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere last summer. Those boys have tiny hands...

The walls of the lobby were decorated with giant sized photos of members of the cast.

To the left is the cafeteria and yup, that's a Starbucks in the corner. Thru the entrance is where the journey begins :)
Isn't little baby Dan Rad so cute?? Thru those doors is the gift shop.
Pictures above the entrance to the building

.Since we had about three hours to kill, we went into the gift shop
Fancy an official Hogwarts sweater?
The prices are kind of ridic.
I really wanted that necklace! And a Time Turner necklace, but I didn't see any :\

These are legit robes. I saw so many people buying them and wearing them around.

Hermione's dress that she wore to the Yule Ball (replica).

Marauder's Map.

I mean really, for a map? Still really cool though.
Yes, this is for sale. And no, it does not fly.

I thought they would've had the same flavors like the book/movies (or at least the same name), but they were normal flavored beans. Haha.
Yes I read the The Tale of the Three Brothers and yes I read it in Hermione's voice.

Wands for sale!

Each wand was about £25 each. It was tempting to get one, but I decided not to. If it could actually cast spells, then I probably would have.

Alright well that's all for now. More to come later. I've gotta pack!!

X x

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