06 June 2012

Photo Diary - The Making of Harry Potter Part 2 (The Great Hall)

Hi everyone! Hope you guys are ready for Part 2. It is jam-packed with even MOAR photos, this time of the actual tour. I got a little carried away with taking pictures at the gift shop so sorry if you were expecting a little more from the last one :)

Let's go!

Before you actually start the tour, they give a little sneak peek while waiting in line.

That picture of Dudley looks more like Seamus.
The tour begins when you walk into this room with 3 screens on two walls. Basically one of the guides welcomes and talks about the tour, etc. They show a little clip of producers talking about their decision to make the movie and how they didn't expect it to be a world wide phenomenon.

You then go into another room with theater seating and a huge screen. They play a clip of the Dan, Rupert and Emma standing in front of the door to the Great Hall welcoming you to the tour and they talk about you're going to see. I didn't get a picture because I was too excited =P When the clip finishes, the screen goes up and you are sitting there looking right at the entrance to THE Great Hall.

Were the suits of armor always at the entrance to the Great Hall? I could've sworn they were at the entrance to castle... Either way, I'm glad they put them there :)

You have no idea how badly I wanted to yell out "Piertotum Locomotor!"

Here's a little video of me walking in. Not the greatest video haha. I was touching the doors and walls. I think the doors are wood and I'm not sure what the walls were made out of. They definitely were not hollow though. The Great Hall was the only part of the tour that was guided. The rest of the way, you were free to roam around and look at everything at your own pace. But that is why I recommend getting the digital guide because it does add more to the experience.

It looks so much smaller in person..
According to the tour guide, that is in fact the costume that Rob Pattinson wore.
On the far left are Harry's dress robes from his first year. So cute!

 I honestly could've stayed in this room for hours just looking at every little thing. The hall in itself is truly a magnificent work of art.

Alrighty kids, until the next time.

X x

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