28 June 2012

May/June Favorites

Hey lovely people. Here's a combined favorites list from May and June!

You're probably sick of me talking about Real Techniques, but I can't rave enough about their brushes. I've converted several people to Real Techniques, including my mother who swore by the Sigma F84. This is my HG foundation brush and at just $10, you really can't beat it. So get yourself one, or two... or ten.

I've been looking for a good under eye concealer for a while now and can never seem to find one that didn't cake or settle into fine lines. This also covers any scars/blemishes really well. It's creamy but not drying. It's also very cheap.
Another hit from Collection 2000. It's great for setting concealer/foundation and touching up.
Love this. It stays put even when I don't put primer on (and I've got very oily lids).
Featured this in another post. I've been using it everyday and it's currently my preferred brush of choice when I blend in concealer.
This is one of those instances when I realized that I should stick to what works best for me. I'm over hunting for foundation for now. Studio Fix Fluid will be my go-to foundation for awhile.

7. Zara Plaited Leather Shopper Bag

I bought this bag back in March and didn't use it until after I got back from vacation because I just thought it was way too big. Now, I flippin LOVE it! It was a little overwhelming in the beginning because I felt like an idiot carrying around this giant leather shopping bag, but I've grown to love it everyday. The leather gets softer the more you use it and it gets darker too. I think. I've gotten so many compliments from friends, family and random strangers. Even the lady I go to for facials liked it and asked me to write down the name of the bag.
Amongst a lot of things I started doing regularly this year, this is one of them that I regret not doing more often in the past. Honestly, it's heaven.

I know, I'm late to the Carnaby Street party. I stumbled upon this place while walking to Liberty. My friend and I saw some alleys that looked like they were lined with different shops so we decided to walk down there also. I was very glad I did because I loved it. There were a lot of different shops, including high end brands and shops you'd see on the high street. For you make-up lovers, they have several stores there for you. I remember seeing Pixi, Benefit and Illamasqua. I believe MAC also have a store there. Other shops include vintage shops like Lucy in Disguise and Peekaboo and shops like Irregular Choice where they sell shoes with fun and quirky designs that are definitely one of a kind (although a bit pricey). Apart from shops, the streets are also lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. If you're visiting London, you must check this place out!

10. Thai Tea w/ Boba

I don't know where this new obsession with Thai Iced Tea came from. All of a sudden that's all I crave. Can't get enough of it.

11. Paloma Faith's New Album "Fall to Grace"
I'm OBSESSED with this album. It's definitely a bit more different from her previous one. It's a little more raw and stripped down, but it's still very Paloma. This has been on heavy rotation since I got it last month. My favorite tracks are:

Picking Up The Pieces
30 Minute Love Affair
Black & Blue
When You're Gone
Agony (omg this song is divine!)
Let Your Love Walk In

Okay I think I listed everything. Until next time...

Nicole xx

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