12 June 2012

First World Female Pains

Me: I overplucked my left eyebrow and it's bugging me. Well like I plucked one too many hairs. Like crap, I know i shouldn't have plucked that ONE hair.

Charlene: Omg! I hate it when i do that!!

Me: Yeah I had to fill it in with pencil

Charlene: Or when your eyebrows are uneven for like the longest time n your like wtf?!?! Then one day you pluck just ONE hair...and its like oh! Its fixed!!

Me: Yeahhhh

Charlene: but ur like afraid to pluck any hairs cuz then you think it will mess it up...so u dont do it...then when you do...its like the answer to all ur eyebrow problems

Me: Haha yeah!!

I love it.

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