09 May 2012

We Should Do Something Good For Mankind For a Couple of Hours

Hey everyone! This post is a little out of the ordinary as it really has nothing to do with the usual topics I talk about.

Anyway, my fellow geek and baddy Jorge d'Argence is doing the NorCal AIDS Cycle next week, beginning May 17th - May 20th. He'll be cycling around Northern California, riding a ridiculous amount of miles everyday (330 in total) for 4 days in support of the NorCal AIDS Cycle organization. This organization helps raise funds for HIV/AIDS health/service providers all around Northern California.

Let's help him reach his goal before next week! Here is his donation page. All proceeds go to the organization and it's tax deductible too. If you can't donate, you can always show your support for him in another way. Follow him on Twitter @motoridersd. You can tweet your support and encouragement to him. I know he will appreciate it and I know he's going to be reading them during his ride too ;)

X x

Image source: Brandon Matzek of Kitchen Konfidence

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