04 May 2012

My First Birchbox

So if you've been following me on Twitter, you might notice me tweeting about being excited to get my Birchbox and how my Birchbox is on its way, etc.

Well who/what the heck is Birchbox?!

Birchbox is similar to MyGlam or Glossybox where you subscribe and get a box of samples every month. Your box of samples is specifically tailored to your preferences, which they determine by a beauty quiz/profile that you fill out. It sounds easy enough, but the only thing is you have to wait for them to offer you a subscription. So you have to initially sign up and wait a few weeks (I waited about 2 weeks) until they send you an email with a link to acquire your subscription.

It costs $10 a month with FREE shipping and by looking at the brands they have on their website, the products all seem like they are high quality. Many of them are high end brands that I either have never heard of or would never try because I wouldn't know where to even get it. By-the-bye, I'm really psyched that they've teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills, because I am a HUGE fan of their products. I know I'm going to be redeeming some of the Birchbox points on an eyebrow product or two ;)

Birchbox also sells full sizes on their website (www.birchbox.com) so in case you do end up liking a sample, you can purchase it (shipping is also free!). Each dollar you spend (incl. the $10/mo. you spend on each box) earns you one Birchbox point which you can use towards a purchase later on. I think 100 points equals like $10 or something.

April's theme was "Natural Wonders" so all the samples are products that contain all natural ingredients and are cruelty-free!

Before I go through each sample, I just want to show you all the packaging.

Merry Christmas to me!
ADORABLE. I'm honestly having a hard time trying to decide if I am actually going to get rid of this box because it's just too cute, although I'm sure it'll just become what my dear grandmother calls a dust-collector.

Samples included:

1. LIV GRN C2C Eau de Parfum in Natural - The scent is light, not overwhelming. Maybe it's just me, but I think the scent might've faded throughout the day. But that might just be because my skin is kind of dry. The scent is kind of citrus-y.

2. J.R. Watkins Peppermint Foot Salve -I haven't tried this yet. But beyzically basically, you rub it all over your feet before you go to bed, put some socks on and call it a night. And then in the morning your heels and toesies are supposed to feel baby smooth.

3. Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Rhubarb - Used it today and yesterday and I love it. It's a tinted lip balm and has a mauve kind of tone to it. Well at least when I put it on MY lips. It is soothing and left a tingly feeling when I first put it on. It's definitely moisturizing. The scent is a bit weird. I've never had rhubarb before but I'm assuming this is what it might taste/smell like. It also kind of smells like the Burt's Bees lip balm (the original one).

4. Yes To Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes - I have never used any Yes To products, but it seems to be a popular brand (although I hear from Miss Steffles that the cucumber towelettes rape your eyeballs). Will probably save this for when I travel. Don't see anything "revolutionary" about this. Would probably have to use consistently for a few weeks to see any benefits.

5. Weleda Pomegranate Firming Night Cream - I haven't tried this either, but have read good things :)

If you've tried any of these products, let me know how they worked out for you!

Until next time!

X x

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