20 April 2012

Happenings and Such

Eeks, I just realized that I haven't updated in more than a week! Sorry folks, just a lot of things going on. My parents are in town and my brother is leaving for Afghanistan so I'm trying to spend as much time with them as I can. I also haven't been spending any time in my own home and been staying with them at my aunt's house so it's been hard to really update or get material together, so my Twitter is getting lots more love from me than usual. If you're really itching for any quick updates, follow me on there @eyeheart_nicole.

So my mom usually brings me a lot of make-up products whenever she visits, but since I haven't really wanted much lately, she only brought a couple of things. Well she did bring a butt load of Radox body wash, but that's another story. She brought two Sleek products, the Blush by 3 Blusher palette in Pink Spirit as well as the Lash Out mascara.

I haven't tried the blush, but since I already have one of the other palettes, I'm pretty confident that those are just as amazing. I tried the mascara once and I wasn't totally into it, but that just may be because I don't know how to use it just yet. The wand and brush are a little different from what I'm used to so I'll have to give it another go when I'm not rushing to head out :)

Like I said in the previous post, I got two more Real Techniques brushes. I bought the Expert Face brush and the Setting brush, which I believe are their two new brushes. This brings my total RT collection to 5 brushes! Overall I am very happy with them. The Expert Face brush is exactly what I've been looking for! After only one use, I was so shocked at how amazing this brush is. Why didn't they come out with this sooner?!? The Setting brush is great with loose powder, to set concealer and foundation with. It's the perfect size! Anyway, I plan on doing a more extensive review later on.

Let's see what else?...

Oh, I just found out that my favorite fake boyband is reuniting. That just made my year. I hope this means Whoa will reunite too.

Okay kids, that's enough talking for today. See you all later.

X x

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