04 April 2012

First Impressions: Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution

Like so many other skincare enthusiasts out there, I'm always intrigued by "new" skincare products that can help quicken my routine whether day or night. I don't know if you ever notice, at some make-up counters, if you are getting color matched to a foundation, they usually clean the little patch of skin that they test on. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I realized that most of the make-up artists/sales reps use micelle cleansers. I didn't know if those were any good or not, but I remember a while back that Michelle Phan was using the Lancome one. Then I saw them again on Pixiwoo's blog (I swear I'll stop mentioning them once they stop being awesome... which will probably be never).

Anyway, I decided to try out the Bioderma one because it seemed to be one of the most of popular and had very good ratings on Makeupalley.com. I initially purchased the Bioderma Crealine (also called Sensibio) H2O Micelle Solution in the 100ml bottle to test it out. It's supposed to be for sensitive, normal to dry skin but I didn't read up too much on this particular product until after I purchased it. Then I found out that Bioderma do make another for oily skin. That one is called Sebium H2O, which I've also ordered, but I'm still waiting to get that one.

Before I go on though, you're probably wondering what the heck a micelle solution/cleanser is right?! Well here's a great article from iamabeautygeek.com to help you out! Here is another little read up on what it does.

Okay got it?

So here is what the 100ml bottle looks like:

Here's the back with a shot of the expiration date:

Here's a picture of the first test swipe, on my jaw:

Finally, a picture of the total number of cotton pads I used to wipe off ALMOST all of my make-up:

Final (but not so final) thoughts:
- The bottle is sealed so you can make sure that the contents have not been tampered with. Was very happy to see that.
- Has no scent which I love!
- Although I used 4 cotton pads for this initial test, I think I probably could've used one more to completely clean my skin.
- With that said, I don't think you can use this alone if you wear medium-full coverage foundation. I still washed my face with my normal cleanser, but only used a very tiny amount just to clean up whatever this cleanser didn't.
- Skin didn't feel too dry afterwards and my skin did feel more refreshed than when I use baby wipes to wipe off my make up.
- Probably better suited for morning use or if you wear minimal make up if you want to use this alone.
- Skin had no immediate allergic reaction (which I was SO afraid of, knowing my skin and all). Didn't test on jaw before using on my entire face and it seems to be okay.
- Face does feel cleaner, not like I just smeared my make up all over my face, which is what it kind of feels like when I use baby wipes or other make up remover wipes.
- Will come in real handy for those late nights when I just can't be arsed to wash my face before going to bed.
- Didn't test on eyes, but I use something else for that anyway regardless of what kind of remover I use so I can't comment on its efficiency with eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, etc.
- It really does feel just like water!
- Doesn't leave a sticky or oily feeling residue.

My opinion on this is NOT final. I will continue to use this and make my decision on whether or not this is worth buying after a few uses. I hope to get the Bioderma Sebium H2O (for Oily skins) soon so I can compare. I'm really hoping I end up liking them because this will be great for travelling.

Hope you found this helpful!

Besos x x

UPDATE 04/16/2012

So I've been using this everyday since April 4, which was the day I got it. I gotta say, I really do love this product. I haven't had any allergic reactions to it and haven't broken out. Even though technically you don't need to wash your face after using it, I still do. It's just weird for me if I don't, but I no longer feel the need to really scrub my face with my facewash. I find myself using less and less of it actually.

However, there were a couple of nights when I did use it and didn't wash my face afterwards and was fully expecting to get a zit or two the next day, but to my delight, my face was fine. I don't use this on its own, most of the time. I use a baby wipe to lightly take off my foundation, then I thoroughly cleanse it with Bioderma afterwards to get it really squeaky clean. This way, I only end up using two cotton pads at the most, instead of using 4 or 5.

I know it seems kind of pointless to use if I'm still using baby wipes and washing my face afterwards, but it is nice to have the option of not having to wash your face if you really can't be bothered.

I've used this as well in the morning to washing my face all together (that's if I don't put on my acne lotion the night before). I freaking love that I can do that because it cuts my morning routine by about 15 minutes.

With all of that said, I still do recommend this product for anyone looking for a good micelle cleanser. The Crealine/Sensibio line is for people with normal to dry, sensitive skin. Even though I have combination/oily skin, it doesn't make my skin more oily, but actually controls it a bit better. Depending on where you live, this may not be available in stores, but you can always find it online. I ordered the 100ml bottle off of Amazon.

Hope this was helpful!


  1. Inneresting! As a faithful Target brand up&up brand makeup remover wipe customer, I'd be curious to see how this works on me. I've noticed that my eyes are starting to burn when I use them to get eyeliner and mascara off, so that's bothersome. Plus, it's always good to try new things. I find myself getting stuck in a product rut every now and then!

    1. I used this again in the morning after I washed my face as a toner. Maybe I'm wanting myself to really like this product, but I feel like it's already done something as far as improve the condition of my skin.

      My face isn't as oily today and my make-up seems to be staying put longer than when I would actually put foundation primer on. My skin also didn't look as dull, which it has been the past week :\

      If you wanna try it out, the small bottle is available on Amazon.

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post. I love Bioderma as much as you do. It is a must have cleansing essential in every girl's arsenal.