13 February 2012

Mascara Review featuring Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have a little review on Bourjois' Volume Fast & Perfect mascara. I've seen Sam Chapman (from Pixiwoo) use this baby several times and she always talks about how it's one of her favorite mascaras. If you've never heard of this particular mascara before, here are the specs and what Bourjois claims it can do:
Innovative new mascara: The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat* The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed.

The Volume Fast & Perfect mascara does the work of a professional make-up artist for you achieving volume and definition at the push of a button!

Step 1 - To coat your upper lashes, push the button to the left and the brush will rotate anti-clockwise.
Step 2 - To coat your bottom lashes, push the button to the right and the brush will rotate clockwise. Gently apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of the eye lashes, in a slow, gentle movement.

The rotating motion continuously deposits all mascara from the brush onto the lashes and evenly spreads just the right amount of formula onto the lash fringe effortlessly and in record time.

No need to dip the brush into the mascara tube twice. In only one stroke, lashes are evenly wrapped for maximum volume and a perfect false lash effect in 30 seconds flat*!. For best results, apply onto an un-made up eye.

Its high resistance, volumising formula respects sensitive eyes and contains natural waxes, jojoba oil & vitamin E complex for instantly soft lashes that are well looked after. * Tested on 60 women

In short, the wand rotates 360°, both ways. It sounds kind of like a gimmick and if you look at the brush itself, it doesn't look all that special. Again, this was one of those products that I couldn't find here so I had to ask my mom to send it to me. I have to admit, my expectations were a bit low before I even started using it. Just because it worked wonders on Sam Chapman's much longer and fuller lashes didn't necessarily mean it would work for my short, fine Asian lashes. But to my surprise, this mascara exceeded those expectations.

I've put in bold some of the things that I've seen the mascara do (above). I'm not sure that it gives my lashes the "false volume effect" in 30 seconds flat, but I definitely have noticed that it doesn't take me a gajillion minutes per eye anymore to get a decent result. Also, not needing to dip the brush into the mascara tube more than once is definitely right! I've found the only time I need to dip the brush back in the tube is when I apply mascara to the other eye. This baby is the ultimate time saver for me. It also keeps my lashes soft, like it claims to and keeps the curl. The formula is perfect as well. It's not too dry/wet.

Okay, enough babbling. I know you guys just want to see a before and after picture. So let me just remind you guys what my bare lashes look:

And this is what they look like with Volume Fast & Perfect on:

I think the picture says it all don't you think? After a week of using it, I have not found anything wrong with it, other than it flakes a little bit, but no more than the Max Factor Masterpiece mascara. Honestly guys, this might replace Lancome Hypnose Drama as my favorite mascara. It is truly truly amazing. I highly recommend it!

For my UK peeps, you can buy it at your local Superdrug for £11.99. For all my other peeps, you can purchase it online or perhaps check WalMart or Ulta. However, I haven't found it at either so you might have to just get it online (or you can ask my mom to get you one haha!).

Next up, today's FOTD/EOTD. See you guys later!

Besos x x


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