31 January 2012

Which side are you on?

Check out this article on when to save or splurge on make-up:

Drugstore vs. Designer

Any thoughts?

Personally, I think the author is pretty much spot on. I've found that when it comes to foundation, "designer" brand foundations are best! Of course the upfront cost is a little intimidating at times, but if you consider how long it lasts, you're only really spending less $10 a month on it (assuming regular daily use over a 5-6 month period). I like to think of it as investing in myself :) After all, I'm putting that stuff all over my face. I want to use the best so I can look my best! And speaking of foundation, my current favorite is MAC's Studio Fix Fluid.

The only thing I kind of disagree with is the bit about blush. Some of the best blushers out there happen to be drugstore brands. My favorites out of my entire collection are my Barry M and NYX blushers. While NARS and MAC are big favorites amongst make-up enthusiasts, I think you can get away with using the drugstore brands.

So readers, which side are you on?


  1. I agree with the author except for the eyeshadow. I've tried cheaper brand eyeshadow and it just doesn't work for me like how MAC does! I know, I know. The pigments just work so much better with me. This is very subjective though. What looks great on someone else could look horrible on me.
    I agree about the "Investments." I have maybe 50-60 MAC eyeshadows and I've never run out of a particular shade yet. Same goes for their foundation. I just recently ran out of their blush, but have never tried a drugstore brand.
    I think all cosmetics are subjective. Some people love cheap mascara, some will only wear designer brands. It's all up to their taste and whatever they feel they look better in. I only used to buy designer cosmetics when I was younger (I mean, a few years ago) but now that I'm older and possibly wiser, I started mixing high end with low end and my wallet and I have been loving the results.

  2. Having used Clinique for a long time and then switched to Revlon Colorstay, I actually think drugstore foundations have really come a long way over the years. I do agree that the color selections you can get with department store brands are much more extensive though. I have very acne prone skin too and I've been doing ingredient comparisons over the past few months and the department store brand foundations have just as many pore clogging/skin irritating ingredients as the drugstore brands do (and unfortunately mineral makeups make my skin itch). I feel like I'm constantly searching for the perfect foundation anyway though. Definitely agree with you on the blush though. I love my NARS "Gilda" but I bought Maybelline's mineral blush and it looks just as pretty on.

  3. @Trisha - good point on the eyeshadow! Drugstore brands are always hit or miss. It really depends on the line that each brand comes out with. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I bought drugstore brand e/s. I think it was probably Wet n Wild, which shockingly enough was a definite HIT (okay I guess Sleek is drugstore too but they're always amazing so they don't count haha). I too mix all the low end and high end together all the time. It really just depends on each person, but there's definitely nothing wrong with splurging on cosmetics. Us ladies deserve to treat ourselves like the divas that we are every now and again ;)

  4. @JD - it's been awhile since I've actually used drugstore foundation, although I recently bought one. I always read reviews on the latest and greatest and I'm always keen on trying them, but for whatever reason, I get scared haha. I've tried Revlon Colorstay before and it always "slid" off my face. Although now that my skin is a bit drier than it used to be, maybe it wouldn't be so bad anymore? Do you have any other suggestions on drugstore brands besides Colorstay? Like you, I'm always on the hunt for THE foundation.