03 January 2012

The Battle of Aridermis

(Everytime I say that title out loud, I try to do it in my best Amy Pond accent.)

*Anyway, what you're about to read chronicles my fight against an evil force called Aerosiccus. It takes place in the land of Aridermis, located in the heart of Planet Terra, deep in the Galaxy of Via Lactea.

Bayzically Basically, I'm going to tell you guys how I went from this:

To this:

I think we can all pretty much agree that the cold, dry air of the winter season takes a huge toll on the condition of our skin. Yeah, I'm talking about your ashy knees. But I'm not judging. I'm fallen victim to it for years and this year was no exception.

However, this was the first time that I can recall this happening to me. My face is usually oily, which I don't mind because I'm a firm believer in that old myth that oily skin ages slower than dry skin. But one afternoon I started to notice little bumps on my cheeks and by the end of the day, I felt like my skin was "crawling." The next morning, my skin felt tighter than usual and I started noticing some flaking going on. The bumps spread to my forehead and they became really itchy and dry. Needless to say, I started stressing out. But I did what I always do and asked my dear mother for advice (and consulted good 'ol Google of course).

For the first couple of days I stuck to my daily skincare routine, until I finally realized it was only exacerbating the whole situation. I had to alter my routine quickly or my face was going to keep looking like some kind of filo pastry.

Anyway, here's what my routine was for those 12 days.

1. Dry Bad, Moist Good
I honestly did not even know what humidifiers were for until two weeks ago.
I have a little space heater in my room that I use in the mornings. I'm not an expert on humidity and all that stuff, so I really had no idea that using a heater could have legit negative effects on your skin. Basically having my heater on was sucking the moisture out of the air so my mother told me cut that out and buy myself a humidifier. I left it running while I slept and while I got ready. The one pictured above is the Safety First Ultrasonic 360, and I got it for it about $35 at Target.

2. Dust Yourself Off and Try Again Wash Yo' Sheets

I basically dusted and vacuumed the crap out of my room and bathroom. I also changed my sheets out of fear and paranoia. I changed my towels too. Not that I don't normally do so, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't leave any stone unturned. Oh and just another reminder, make sure you spot clean your make-up brushes daily and wash them thoroughly about once a week!

3. Listen to the Dalek
source: springfieldpunx.blogspot.com

So Google and my mother told me that dry, dead skin cells clog up your pores, so exfoliating every few days is essential in making sure you get rid of those dead skin cells that are just hanging out on your purdy little face. I use the No 7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator, which is about $10 at Target.

4. Make Aquaphor your new BFF

I don't even care if you don't follow all the other steps, but you probably should not skip this one. I think this saved my skin completely. I would put this on every night before I went to bed and saw results the next morning. The improvements I saw were gradual, but consistent. I would apply this on the very flaky areas (which also felt like sunburned skin after each wash). You only need a little bit so don't go overboard because you might break out (and thankfully I did not!). I also used this instead of a regular moisturizer for a couple of days. It did get a bit oily when I put make-up over it, but if you use a primer you should be fine.This is like $5 at Target. Even if you don't have dry skin, this is good for pretty much any other dry spots you may have or for when your chapstick just isn't enough. I keep one in my purse.

5. Say NO to Alcohol

I stopped using a couple of products that were drying out my skin. For example, I had to say "Adios" to the MAC Pro Longwear foundation because that is specifically for oily skin, which I obvs did not have at that point. It actually only made the bumps and flakes obvious. I went back to using Lancome's Teint Idole FW. I also stopped using Eskinol and my acne lotion for about 5 days because they contain alcohol. However, I did slowly ease into using them again when my face didn't feel "burned" anymore. I think this will be different for everyone, so just use good judgment.

6. ExpressHydrate Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself
Speaking of saying no to alcohol, you probably shouldn't drink too much of it at this point. But what you should drink a lot of is good 'ol H2O. And speaking of H2O, I know that during the cold winter months we want to take baths/showers in the hottest water possible, but beware because this does  dry out your skin. If you're going to wash your face, make sure it's with luke perry warm water.

Well, that's the gist of it. I hope that this will help some of you that are having a bit of trouble this winter. I know this feels like it was all over the place but I really wanted to publish this as soon as I could. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be more than happy to help!

Besos x x

*I really should lay off the Sci-Fi flicks/shows for awhile...


  1. Good tips gurl! So would you keep the humidifier and heater on at the same time? I always get really sick whenever I have the little space heater on (even if its only on for like 30 min as I try to fall asleep).

  2. If you mean in the mornings, yes, a couple of times I did. But at night, I just had the humidifier on while I slept and no heater. I had to just double up on my blanket and put a sweater on.