14 December 2011

EyeHeart Christmas 2011

I think as I get older, I tend to buy most of my own Christmas presents. This year is no exception, especially since most of the items on my list are things no one would even think to buy and they're kind of pricey.

So what exactly am I hoping to buy this year? Well, shall we take a gander?

Btw, some of these aren't really cosmetics/fashion related but if someone, somewhere who really loves me happens to read it, then it'll give them ideas ;)

1. New Laptop

My one that I currently own is about 5 years old, which is considered vintage to the world of compunerds (which I guess is okay if you're a hipster?). It still runs fine seeing as I only use it for the interwebs so I'm not sure I'll be getting myself a new one anytime soon. But if you really love me...

2. Harry Potter 1-8 DVD Set
I think we all know what DVD's look like. I'd rather stare at a picture of Neville Longbottom being a hot mutherf*#@!%.

3. Snitch Necklace (or a Time Turner... a real one)


5. NEW CURLING IRON (Not that one specifically)

I actually don't know much about styling tools so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!
I was the biggest Kindle hater, but my coworker has changed my mind about it. I might even get the Kindle Fire =P

Btw, I'm having trouble uploading my latest Eye Heart This video, so apologies if you're waiting for it. My time after work has been spent at Spanish class and with my baby niece so I haven't had time to mess about with Youtube and such.

But I still really love you, so it's okay.

Besos x x

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