31 October 2011

Halloween 2011 - Bow Ties Are Cool

Happy Halloween!! So I promised earlier on Twitter that I would post my Halloween costume for this year and so here it is:

Can you guess who I came as??

If you guessed either a female version of the 11th Doctor, Pee-Wee Herman or a server from Farrell's, then you are correct!!

Actually, I had initially intended on dressing up as the Doctor because I basically had everything I needed for the costume in my closet. I'd say it was pretty close except I was of course without a Sonic Screwdriver or my TARDIS. The TARDIS part I couldn't really do anything about, but I found out that there is an app for the Sonic Screwdriver! 

No one really who knew who I was and walking around whilst playing the Doctor Who theme on my phone didn't help either. After awhile I got tired of saying that I was "a character from a TV show that no one here watches," so I decided to be whoever people thought I was. I also started saying that I was in fact in normal clothes and not a costume. There were a couple of people that actually believed me =P

Anyway, here are some "action" shots:

Trying to determine who the Mexican Stig really is w/ my Sonic Screwdriver.

Tried to turn her off, but I couldn't so I kicked her in the face instead.

Btw, big big hug and hello to my favorite 80's Soccer Mom, Kate! Isn't she classy?!

Hope you guys had a fun and safe Halloween!

Besitos x x


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