26 May 2011

Say "Yes" to Which Dress?!

Hi everyone! So I had this whole write up about my dress dilemma and it all got erased for whatever reason. I think I hit ctrl+x or something and couldn't paste whatever I cut. I couldn't even undo it! It was bogus. Anyway, today I'm back from a short blog hiatus and I desperately need your help!

One of my cousins will be getting married this July and I have been shopping around the internet like a mad woman, driving my mother and cousin up the wall asking for advice until finally, I stumbled upon a few dresses that I've fallen in love with on ASOS. After looking through hundreds and hundreds of dresses, I've got it narrowed down to two. I'm looking for something that will complement my hair and skin tone. Basically, I want to look well put together, from head to toe. I'll worry about shoes later though. In case you forgot or just don't know at all, I currently have reddish-brown hair (which I plan to add more red to for my next hair appointment) and my skin tone is pretty fair, but not "Casper The Friendly Ghost" fair. Also the wedding will be at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside. Uber posh right?? Cuzzo has splendid taste ;)

Dress #1:

Dress #2:
Of course if I were to get Dress #2, it would be the blue one. Who wears cream to a wedding? =P

So the question is...

Say "Yes" to which dress?

x nic x

Up next, blooper videos from the day I got my hair done and the day after, plus some other random pictures :) Also, I will be doing a variation of the look in "Show Me How You Teal." I'm gonna tone it down a bit.

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